About Anonymous Hashrate And Pools


i think many pool was be attacked


We have moved all pool operators to golang and this should help prevent any issues. The attack failed and any pool using golang was not effected.


no it is DDOS attack…


Yes, we saw that as well but it did not succeed either

We will continue to work towards making things more reliable and secure.


Whoa! Massive jump in network hash again and difficulty…someone plugged in some x3 Asics or is something else on the go again??


I am pretty sure that these are the ASICs. Before selling them, the manufacture mine for himself. The same happen to Monero, when the hashrate quickly went up from 200 Mh/s to 1000 Mh/s, and then the ASICs were announced.


Well monero forks in 6 days right? And 90% of all the coins are forking and have set dates to fork if I’ve read correctly.

@ Serena. Even reading on the forums people are getting the Asics delivered already. I have full faith in the dero team to deal with them. However is there any time frame the team has discussed that it would be dealt with? If vast majority of the coins are forking roughly in 6 days along with monero. It makes dero network a bit of a sitting duck being one of the only coins left on the old cryptonight protocol. If that happens It will be a disaster!


Well now I have no idea what’s going on.

Network hashrate just corrected itself massively along with difficulty.

Does the team know when Asics are mining? And do something when network hashrate jumps unusually?

Just crazy weird


I’ll get a better idea today regarding a ASIC fix date.

Dero’s algorithms are built in such a way as to discourage spikes in network hashrate. When you see large spikes you may also notice that the block emission slows down until they leave the network.

We will continue to work against ASICs and centralization. To date we’ve had a few surprises for people who throw large amounts of hashrate at the network. They tend to send me angry messages asking why Dero’s network works this way but it’s better for the network and our miners.


I definitely saw how quickly it even would become unproductive even for an asic with the rapid adjustments by the network. Which is great!

Good work guys!


Hashrate on the rise again…are these legit actors?


Hashrate up and no blocks found. Another attack on dero’s blockchain?


As usual we are monitoring closely but there appears to be nothing wrong at this time and everything is working as intended.

Dero’s network does not reward those who spike the hashrate


No blocks found for past hour?


Blocks are moving again, Dero is very good about resisting these types of thing


Just seen it, I must admit. When I first heard bout DERO I wasn’t too sure, but seeing how resistant it is comparing to ETN network (has released loads of new blocks during this time) I just switched all my mining rigs to DERO.

Serena are you planning to fork DERO to avoid this I believe ASIC situation not by stopping block release but to stop ASICS from getting into network?


Dero has our own plans for ASIC resistance. Today we have multiple algos that are all very promising ready to go. Our devs even built an asic-resistant algo generator that can produce hundreds of new algos/second.

I promise we are not waiting without a good reason :slight_smile:


It sounds very promising, but the current CriptoNight miners can not switch between many algos every second. Are you going to release your own specific Dero-miner ?


Serena was talking of asic-resistant algo generator which would generate anti-asic algos based on various parameters and asics working.
You are right current CriptoNight miners can not switch between many algos every second.
And right now we have no plans to invest resources in new miner/update numerous existing miners programs.


We’re not planning to release our own mining program at this time or push our own updates for mining software.

The algo generator is possible but it will require more time/resources and our team is currently focused on other things for the time being.