About translation

I started using Dero and its web wallet as of recently.
However, the Japanese translation is pretty weird.

One that keeps coming back is that “DERO” was translated to “でろ”, which on its turn kinda means “get the 〇〇 out”.
IMO it should have been kept as “DERO” in English characters.

Another example is the translation for contract: 約.
It should be 契約, just 約 would mean something like “an estimate” or “a promise”.

Or in the settings: “オープンウォレットの名前を変更してください (WALLET NAME)”
It means “Please change the name of your open wallet (WALLET NAME)”, which on its turn is a request to change it, rather than an option to do so.

“変更ウォレット開始” is a very literal translation from English.
Which is odd, because the option just below that is grammatically correct, should follow the exact same grammar.

The ロック (lock) and ロック解除 (unlock) should be “ロックされた” (locked) and “ロックされない” (not locked) respectively, to change the meaning from action to status.

So I was wondering if there is any way I can help out to improve the translation?

Please see translation.js in webwallet.
Create an account on git.dero.io and create pull request.
Please PM your desired username to create account on git.dero.io.

Thank you.