Are Swapped Funds Accessible If

Are swapped funds accessible if the entire remaining balance was sent while neglecting to leave enough for transaction fees. Its been over 40 hours without the funds arriving in the Stargate wallet.

The transaction was reported as successful. The block information is accessible in the Atlantis Block Explorer.

I used the TXID:DERO combination as instructed, however, I entered a floating point value for the DERO amount and not an integer.

Thank you for your help

No issues , just wait for few days.

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve investigated the problem further and it occurred on the stargate side.

I searched the stargate blockchain explorer for the (0.00001) transaction txid and it was not found.

For the 0.00001 transaction I was running stargate derod on my laptop and using rpc-bind to connect the wallet. After the transaction I went to bed. The next morning the laptop was off. I’m thinking the power loss might have something to do with the problem.

When I run statgate derod now, I get the following output PANIC. Is it possible to recover from this?

28/03 22:15:37 INFO MEMPOOL Mempool started
28/03 22:15:37 INFO REGPOOL Regpool started
28/03 22:15:37 INFO P2P P2P started
28/03 22:15:37 INFO RPC RPC/Websocket server started
28/03 22:15:37 INFO P2P P2P is listening {“address”: “[::]:54464”}
28/03 22:15:37 INFO RPC RPC will listen {“address”: “”}
28/03 22:15:37 INFO GETWORK GETWORK will listen {“address”: “”}
DERO:>>> panic: could not find height for blid 74f2a6bbeb1620b87666d27728de268460df45ebc17e210a0e74e5558c4049cd

goroutine 51 [running]:
github. com/deroproject/derohe/blockchain.Get_Difficulty_At_Tips({0xb84538, 0xc0004de000}, {0xc000094080, 0x1, 0x1})
/usr/home/github/gowork/src/ +0x753
github. com/deroproject/derohe/blockchain.(*Blockchain).Get_Difficulty_At_Tips(0xc0004de000, {0xc000094080, 0x1, 0x1})
/usr/home/github/gowork/src/ +0x18f
github. com/deroproject/derohe/blockchain.(*Blockchain).Get_Difficulty(0xc0004de000)
/usr/home/github/gowork/src/ +0x31
github. com/deroproject/derohe/blockchain.(*Blockchain).Get_Network_HashRate(…)
/usr/home/github/gowork/src/ +0x385
created by main.main
/usr/home/github/gowork/src/ +0x13cf

Just delete the mainnet folder and sync again . If on SSD it may take few hrs to fully sync.

Thank you for your ongoing assistance.

Re syncing derod didn’t resolve it. I’ll provide more information.

More complete history:
On March 19, 2022 I transferred the remaining balance from my Atlantis wallet neglecting to account for transaction fees. The transaction was sent successfully and appears in the Atlantis BlockChain Explorer.

The original (0.00001) Stargate HE transaction for the DERO transfer in question was on March 19, 2022. After 4 days waiting for the funds to appear, I checked and noticed that the transaction did not appear in the Stargate wallet’s transaction history.

On March 23, 2022 I performed the (0.00001) Stargate HE transaction a second time. This transaction appears in the wallet’s history. As of March 29th the funds have not appeared in the Stargate wallet.

HE BlockChain Explorer:
The txid from March 19, 2022 points to a valid empty block.

The txid from March 23, 2022 points to a valid block which contains the DERO destination address and my public address.

It appears the (0.00001) transaction on March 19th got lost.

I have screenshots of these transactions, but I don’t wish to post them here.

Thank you for your ongoing help.

This has been RESOLVED.
I contacted Captain on the DERO Discord channel.

Can send DM here also if any issues related to swap.
Don’t share your TXID,Amount,Seeds etc. with anyone and keep them safe.