Atlantis / Stargate swap: wallet error reading address


I’m trying to swap my Dero from Atlantis wallet to Stargate.
I’ve already send my (Atlantis) Dero to the swap address: dERoVUQjwDdEsFGwF4YdYAhmgv1nNXRkgZkbtTeitsgxNrKw6tbUF3pAPRuNw4AMCcTKXow2HmAfM4Km3Qo7R9jJ7SA3W7eDK3, and have the transaction ID.

I also have a CLI wallet running, and account is registered.

According to the documentation (DERO CN to DERO HE Swap Instructions CLI Wallet — DERO Documentation documentation), I would have to make a transaction to this address: dero1qy867gnj0snrcrtwxgqchmn84t8d4cnzcnhdd4xh6qnhx70j4uhf5qgrmcvgg with my transaction ID, but when I enter the address, I’m getting the following error:

ERROR wallet error reading address {“error”: “separator ‘1’ at invalid position : pos=-1 , len=1”}

Any idea what could be wrong?

As an alternative maybe: is it possible to do this second step through the (Stargate) web wallet?


I am also having a similar problem. I’m getting the following error when I try to send to the address listed:

Enter Destination Address: dero1qy867gnj0snrcrtwxgqchmn84t8d4cnzcnhdd4xh6qnhx70j4uhf5qgrmcvgg
WARN[1600] Err :Address is not complete

Any ideas?

According to the screenshots used on that page they were using the testnet not the mainnet. That could explain why the address used :


Isn’t being recognised as valid on the mainnet.

I’m not saying I’m right, just something that I noticed.

Isn’t there a simple straight forward guide to getting atlantis coins onto the stargate net anywhere? I’m about to do the same thing but don’t want to get it wrong.

Don’t mix Atlantis and Stargate addresses.

I have already swapped some Dero and I’m trying to get them back using the following steps and that is where the error occurs.

Step 2]
After deposit send transactionID obtained above in format “TXID:amountSent” to following DERO stargate address,

Use comment section of Stargate wallet in option 5 to enter “TXID:amountSent”.
set ringsize 2 in wallet before sending TX.
Choose transfer amount to be 0.00001. All Stargate wallets will have 0.00200 DERO to cover transaction fees for swap for one month.

Pls explain your issue/error.

I’ve described my issue/error in my first post :point_up_2:.
Could you please check?


Pls DM your transaction ID.

It ‘should’ be OK now I think.
I’ve entered the address from step 2 manually, and was able to make the transaction after that.

I’ll DM the TX ID, just in case.

let us know how long it takes for the swap to get to your stargate wallet. apparently its a 48hour wait time.

DM your TXID if more than 48 hrs.
Make sure to set ringsize2 in wallet before sending Stargate transaction.
Most of the time users forget to set ringsize 2.

i would recommend to update the doco about the wait time.

OK, so almost a week later now. Still no Dero in my Stargate wallet, I’ve send a DM with my TXID to forum support a few days ago, with no reply. Afterwards, send a DM to Captain in Dero discord channel, also no reply.

How do I get things moving? Especially my Dero :slight_smile:

Done. Pls check now.

OK, that was quick.
All fine now!


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Is 48 hours still the expected turnaround time on an Atlantis->Stargate swap? I initiated one a few hours ago so just looking to set expectations. Follow on to that question: if it is 2 days, is it that this is a daily or periodic job running behind the scenes which batches all pending swaps?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, 24-48hr time frame. If you experience a longer time, or each out to Captain#0795 on discord via DM with your txids etc.

I pinged Captain#0795 on Discord w/friend invite yday but haven’t heard back from him. Once he accepts I’ll be able to DM him my txids. It’s been 2 weeks and the funds haven’t shown up so offhand looks like the mechanism isn’t working or perhaps I have the amount slightly off in the comment fields and that’s why it isn’t going through?

Solved if not pls reply here.

I just found out that I am late to the token swap party. ZIL screwed me in the past. What’s the status of DERO swaps? I couldn’t find the Atlantis wallet links. I presume I have the older tokens in my cold Dero wallet since the new CLI wallet says I have a 0 balance. Can I still swap my early investment to the new tokens?