Blockchain doesnt know if I am Registered or Not? How do I get access to my Funds

Web Wallet - Says i cant send bc NOT REGISTERED
Engram - Doesnt do anything at all when i click “Send All”
CLI Wallet - Says i cant send bc NOT REGISTERED
NFT Wallet - Say it is registered functions work fine

Tried to verify with my wallet address on the explorer. But thats not even working:
“curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 10102: Connection refused”

When i review my transaction history here it is but i cant see anything i did wrong to cause my funds to be stuck and blockchain not recognizing my wallet to be registered for some reason. I am totally lost

I and seemingly many others haven’t been able to even access Engram wallet at all for last 4 months… Where is the web wallet please? Thought that had been discontinued since…

probably has. I was just trying everything after looking through old chats in the Dero. It turns out my particular issue was much much simpler…the address i was trying to send to is actually the one that isnt registered…crazy after 1 year troubleshooting