Browser Wallet confusion now my balance zero?!

I was trying to log in to my online browser wallet, and realised that there was a change to new stargate. I tried to log in to the atlantis wallet and its showing as zero with no transaction history when I restored it. How can I fine my dero? Was it automatically moved over to stargate? and how can I log in there as it wasn’t working.

Restore from seeds, in Firefox. Make sure you’re using the correct webwallet. is an early release Stargate webwallet is the old Atlantis webwallet

send your dero from old atlantis wallet to tradeogre then to new stargate wallet for an easy way out swap, or follow the swap directions on

keep in mind registering a new stargate webwallet will take 5+ hours depending on hardware.

I am going into this one but it is not showing any Dero in there, and none of my transactions. I only have the one dero wallet and so should have my totals there and my transaction history. I tried to set up a stargate as I was confused (no instructions) and realised that it was a new wallet. so I clicked to the atlantis one. PLease help. I am worried my dero is missing but also because no transaction history I assume this is a glitch.

Resolved. I did a rescan from 0.