Cannot log into my web wallet

Hi, first post here so please cut me slack if I do something wrong.

I have my dero in the web wallet and have only just found out that it has been updated. Until just now I had no idea there was an ‘Atlantis’ and now a new one ‘Stargate’?? My question is: can I just leave my dero on Atlantis? If not how do I move them to the new web wallet. Please don’t talk to me about command line stuff and swaps as it is beyond me. I am not a computer person. I am capable of sending my dero back to trade ogre and then to a new web wallet if that is what is needed.

Thank you.
shutting down in the next couple of months. DERO has moved from the atlantis blockchain to Stargate. You must transfer your DERO from atlantis to stargate before the close of the swap period.

You are able to send your funds to and they will do the swap for you.

You will need to have a stargate wallet registered with the network prior to being able to withdraw funds from the exchange.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, no problem to do this.

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