Cant open my wallet,need help!

Many days ago I create a wallet,create by dero-wallet-cli.exe this file,and I have walletname.key and walletname.address.txt walletname files,and I know the password,but I have not write that 25 words seeds,only create my wallet then closed it,I’m a miner.
today I want open my wallet to check my DERO,but I cant login,it’s said:Error: failed to load wallet: std::bad_alloc
then I download the lastest wallet,faild too…

so,how can I do?
I want get my coins.

this is dero-wallet-cli-windows-amd64.exe wrong

First use seed cmd in old-wallet and save your 25 words seed.

Second, Download latest alpha release from and start derod*.
Third, Parallely In another terminal, Run dero-wallet-cli* and restore wallet via old seed using option 3 and follow instruction for wallet-file, password etc.

I cant use old wallet.
can u give me the old wallet downlink?

Old wallets are not supported just use it for seed cmd,
Use any previous versions.

Error: failed to load wallet: std::bad_alloc

how can I do?

Check for dependencies or use pre-compiled binaries or try in different OS in virtual machine.

OK,thanks,I try to use on linux

the same :frowning:

you need not run daemon to run wallet and get seed.
What ubuntu version you are using, these builds run perfect on ubuntu 16.
Can you try ubuntu 16 live OS.

I use ubuntu 16.04
if not run daemon is the same,can you help me to get seeds?I can send files to u,please give me your email,I have 1700+ coins,please…

make sure your old wallet files are in the same dir as your old daemon/wallet

Run the old daemon using your old database file (it won’t sync) and pull your seed from your wallet

yes,I’m sure in the same dir
I have no idea,so,can you help me to get seeds?

Sending files to us is not the right approach. Relax, everything will be fine.
If you have windows machine, can you try these

all try,all the same wrong,
Error: failed to load wallet: std::bad_alloc
I trust you,can I send fils to you?

can you paste screenshot of file-listings.
I assume you have changed some wallet file names.


I dont know why have a .unportable files

thats looks extra, can you try moving this file to some another folder and try again.

the same…
Error: failed to load wallet: std::bad_alloc
when this wrong,the files will auto create.