CLI wallet.db name incorrect

I don’t know any other wallet name, why is this incorrect?

Wallet data file is in wrong folder. Should be next to the actual wallet.exe file. Cut and past into correct place

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Thanks for the input, but I thought all the wallet info was kept in the mainnet folder? this is how I copied/pasted the folders from the dead computer in one shot please advise, i don’t understand how any file moved from its original location.
so your saying move all these wallet files to c:\dero_windows_amd64\dero_windows_amd64 folder?

Whatever folder the wallet executable file is in. The database file needs to be in the same folder or it wont be found by the wallet. Looks like you have 2 wallets so cut and paste both. Mainnet folder is mainly for running a daemon

Hi , I moved the wallet files to main folder, tried the shortcut and now it opens a different CMD window?
I’m at a loss as to why

The data base file has no .db in the name. Name has to be wallet.db rename file data file accordingly

Hi there,
Still same issue

Closing this thread as it is redundant with another open thread.