CMD Wallet Crashing Plus More

I’m having issues with the CMD LInux wallet.

I managed to rescan and then the text in the wallet became unreadable due to poor choice of font. Good job I new how much was in there so I could enter a number in the send box.

After that transaction I had the same problem again, zero balance and no transaction history. I then started to rescan for the second time.

Today I started up the wallet to resume rescanning and it crashed after about 30 seconds. It is still crashing every time I go to view the wallet. So now I can’t rescan.

Please see Recovering web wallet - #18 by ThorIV


That doesn’t solve the problem because I’m not using the web wallet. The CMD wallet crashes at the start of a rescan.

Extract the contents of the archive, you are missing the assets folder, which contains the fonts. The wallet should also run from the same dir.

Crashes are likely due to graphics drivers.


I’m not sure what happened but I’m currently rescanning and it hasn’t crashed.

Something must have happened to the desktop launcher even though it was pointing to the same file it was pointing to when the wallet was working properly. One day I clicked the desktop launcher and there was weird text and it crashed after less than 1 minute. The desktop launcher was previously working. I went and clicked on the actual CMD file and it worked. I have now set up a new desktop launcher.