CMD wallet token "swap"?

I’ll be honest and say it. I haven’t been active for a few months and now I finally passed and got my license for real estate loan origination. Now I’ve been hearing something about swapping my tokens because of some new update. My question is if I have the CMD wallet and haven’t touched any of my tokens since August of 2021 do I have to do anything to my CMD wallet? Are my tokens safe? Do I need to “swap” my token on an exchange like Tradeogre and if I do swap them do I need to change my wallet? Thanks in advance for any response.

Yes, If you hold DERO in your personal wallet like web-wallet/CMD/cli you have six months to swap.

You can use any one of the following process to swap your Atlantis-DERO to Stargate-DERO.
1] documentation/DEROSWAP.txt at master · deroproject/documentation · GitHub

2] How to Swap Atantlis coins to Stargate on TradeOgre — DERO Documentation documentation

Tradeogre is supporting Stargate but withdraw from Kucoin as soon as possible and swap them.

Ok now I have downloaded the cli wallet and made sure daemon is up and running/ fully synced. Now my issues is when I try to register my wallet address the cli wallet is stuck on 0/96647. How do I get my wallet synced so I can register my wallet?

Press 4 to register if you are fully synced and wait for 2 mins - 2 hrs for registration. Keep wallet/daemon running.
Also see CLI Wallet User Guide (Stargate) — DERO Documentation documentation