Deposit to wallet issue


made a depostit to my wallet from an exchange but i have not received the coins and im getting the message “TX rejected due to low fees”.


Those messages are not related to anything you’ve done, they’re from the daemon while it’s in debug mode and syncing.

Can you please make sure you’re running your daemon, let it sync to 100%, and while it’s open please start your wallet and give it a minute to sync as well.

If your balance is showing incorrectly, please type the “balance” command into the wallet CLI


i did let it sync. i typed status cmd both in daemon and wallet. how would i know if it synced 100% though?


When both numbers turn green it will be 100% synced. Also, when you type the status command into the daemon, it will give you a percentage based on how far it has synced

If you’re having any issues, can you double check that you’re using the latest version from here:


Please help me or give me advice
i just started mining Dero. I use a windows OS to check my progress. Which wallet is correct for using an asic miner?


You need to create your own - also Dero will be adding ASIC resistance in the next 5-19 days


hi kindly can someone give me the procedure of opening a portfolio dero?
I use windows


to undermine asic use