Dero and TradeOgre

Hey all!
Having a bit of an issue I hope someone can help me sort out. Recently bought Dero on TradeOgre. Set up my wallet on my PC. Transferred the coins. TradeOgre sent them to the correct wallet, but there are no coins yet. Been about 3 days now. Im assuming this is a sync issue. Its going to take WEEKS to sync I figure.
Any ideas?

Check Recovering web wallet - #18 by ThorIV

So I should use this method, as Im not using the web wallet?

2] Use cmdline wallet and sync now and then when required.
If you are using SSD and good network connection,it takes 4-8 hrs to sync wallet completely from 0.
Try using remote node option as follows:
./dero-wallet-cli-linux-amd64 --remote , Replace linux filename with Windows/Mac wallet filename.
Use exit/0 option to quit & save wallet state for future use.

You can try whatever you are comfortable with.

Ok. Restored to the Web Wallet and its now there. Thank you!

Ill do a little more research on the PC wallet…see if I can make it work.