Dero Balance Colors?

Why after rescan blockchain the balance in green color, and the rest in yellow, what this mean ?

It means that your balance is temporarily locked, however, this is just a minor bug and will be addressed in a future update that should be here soon.

I’ve found myself that you often only have to wait for a block or two to pass for it to release. Again though, we’re on the case!

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Ok i try old daemon imediatly , it seems that all right on him, be kind and integrate in alfa-daemon what colors mean like CB & LB before numbers, you scared me if i see yellow color, and i don’t now what that mean. Thank you Serena for your fast response. Keep going DERO :wink:

Thanks spinx!

Your feedback has been noted by the team and I hope you have a very nice day!

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This color functionality was added to help but looks it adding rather than solving.
Use balance cmd. Few terminals doesn’t behave as expected in displaying colors.

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