Dero Community Advisory Board (DCAB)


Dear Dero Community,

I am proud to announce to you the members of the Dero Community Advisory Board (DCAB).

DCAB members have been a part of the Dero community for at least 6 months and collectively have:

  • 128+ years experience working in a professional capacity
  • 56+ years business leadership experience
  • 23+ years experience with crypto
  • 1 PhD, 2 Masters Degrees, 1 MBA
  • Specialists in the fields of Distributed Systems, Networking, Consensus Algorithms, Marketing and Early-Stage Growth to name a few

You can review the list of members and their bios in document below.

We hope to use our collective skillsets to help Dero grow in the coming months and years.

DCAB_Members_Final.pdf (51.8 KB)

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