Dero Community Poker Tournament! 🥳

Dero Community Poker Tournament! :partying_face:

Dero Community Pools is pleased to announce and host a very special event for you all!

This could not have been possible without the help and collaboration from many YouTubers and the Dero Foundation. Much love!

This will be broadcasted live by Rabid Mining on his YouTube channel with several other YouTubers and guests. The livestream starts at 3:00pm EST, November 12th.

Check out the Google Doc below or the attached PDF for all the details on how you can participate and to see how awesome this tournament will be!
(free to enter with real prizes!)

Registration opens October 29th at 4:10pm EST and the tournament starts November 12th at 3:10pm EST.

See you on the tables and have fun!

The Dero Community Poker Tournament registration is now open! Get yourself registered before it’s too late people!

Here’s how: Dero Community Poker Tournament - Google Документи

Tourney goes live November 12th at 3pm EST :partying_face:

The Dero Community Poker Tournament is 1 week away! Get yourself ready before it’s too late! :partying_face:

Check the google doc (or PDF) for all details and instructions: