Dero dissapeared from web wallet p2

Hello guys,

I transfered my Dero from Kuccoin to my Atlantis Web Wallet on 2021/09/20 15:50:20
I saw them first and when I checked last week they disappeared with showing no withdrawals and account activities .
I tried changing topo height and rescanning and I tried cli Wallet rescan as described in the other thread
“Dero dissapeared from web wallet”
Are there any actions I can take to recover my Dero?


Pls look into Recovering web wallet - #18 by ThorIV

Thanks thats new to me. I will have a look !

Okay I thought it was new to me , but I it wasn’t . I still tried the steps again. Firefox newest version scan from topo height 0,but still no coins :frowning:

DM screenshot of your wallet.

Hi , I don’t know why, but my Dero suddenly appeared today :slight_smile:
Thanks for the support!

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