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DERO Golang Pool

DERO Golang Pool is currently in alpha stages and feedback/fixes are always welcome in regards to this pool software. While many pools leverage Redis or other database flavors, I chose to follow-suit with DERO and leverage the newly released Graviton database, which was built and supported by the DERO development team. See Backend database choices for more details regarding this choice. Please read through the README and code, I’d be more than happy to assist with fixing things via issues and other means, please feel free to reach out to me. My current ‘live’ pool is and will be updated in the near future to be leveraging this code base.


  • Developed in Golang
  • Utilizing Graviton for backend, built and supported by deroproject core team
  • In-built http/https server for web UI
  • Mining hardware monitoring, track if workers are sick
  • Keep track of accepts, rejects and block stats
  • Daemon failover, leverage multiple daemons (upstreams) and pool will get work from the first alive node, while monitoring the rest for backups
  • Concurrent shares processing by using multiple threads
  • Supports mining rewards sent directly to an exchange or wallet
  • Allows use of integrated addresses (dERi) and paymentIDs
  • API (http/https) in JSON for easy integration to web frontend
  • Utils functions and switch for mining algorithm support, this way you can modify which mining algo is required from config.json with ease and update code in only a couple places
  • Support for fixed difficulty with minimum difficulty settings on a per-port basis
  • Support for variable difficulty with maxjump flexibilities and customization settings
  • Support of pool and solo mining
  • PROP Payment Scheme
  • Light-weight webpage with built-in basic pool statistics, but template used to get off the ground running.

Future Features

  • (FUTURE) PPLNS and potentially other pool schemes support
  • (FUTURE) Management functions/go files for modifying/reporting of payments etc.
  • (FUTURE) More feature sets within the frontend such as admin page, charts etc.

The repo is open source with GNU v3 license and located at: . All updates will be visible at the github location and periodically update this post in the event some of the features / future features has been modified.