Dero is the Best One in Practice in the World Right Now

Guys Dero is the best one in practice it doesn’t have public transactions where is Dero’s giant wall of public things?

I can tell people to go on their phone and do dero guys. I don’t even know what you did but you did it

Also this is my dero address I am always accepting more dero dERohP48JqKZtL2JK5B3CmGR8yudvouZR1PfrcZTyP4NMrbpHraJmUhf38k7WgEXW45geKNGM9s1eeYQ9SDCmRKS9iVq8cooHn

From what I read on the news and the pace of the world, if they do pass legislation it would be within the year you guys. You can do it, and if you need help I know quickbooks and did sql stuff, I can bounce your ideas

As a thought experiment for it: I imagine it sending to a giant wall off to the side for public liquid and it would only allow the receiving address to spend that specific amount as a public liquid from that receiving account. It could go back to private that is the entire point of privacy I’m not the one who made this though!

As a point of discussion, Dero to me is like the elephant in America’s room or something google news talks of my congress wanting to curb the use of privacy features in crypto, I don’t think it is brought up for any reason other than bitcoin’s existence and ascension being so rapid that people believe what some people say solely because of the numbers their mind can say

Does anyone else think it’s weird that bitcoin only showed up after japan’s power plant started after i graduated in 2011 man I sure owe them a lot of money it would be a shame if satoshi bankrupted all of walmart and its customers with miner bribes 5 years from now

I am as lifted as when I wrote this yesterday and honestly I don’t think a public wall would be good for the users because they would get ddosed to an obnoxious degree with unwanted public sends if they used a private wallet for any purpose. All the news sure does make me anxious. Hopefully countries can stop banning the internet and internet accessories guys