Dero Mining on Mac OS

Good afternoon!! I’m a recent finder and lover or DERO. Have purchased some recently and love the project and idea. Would it be possible to get on board by mining DERO on a Mac? I’ve had a bit of a look around and can’t seem to find a way to do it.

Thank you!

For Pool Mining:

XMrig is currently your only option, and you can find the binaries here (look for darwin): Release v6.10.0 · xmrig/xmrig · GitHub

For Solo Mining:

You can leverage the latest binaries here (look for darwin):

Within you will find dero-miner which can be leveraged.

You can also use xmrig (look for darwin) (Release v6.10.0 · xmrig/xmrig · GitHub) with the --daemon parameter defined (or daemon=true within config.json).

You can find information related to how to pool mine on different pool mining pages, they usually have a getting started page. Here’s a decent list of dero mining pools: Dero (DERO) AstroBWT | Mining Pools

Solo mining is just the process of running the miner pointing at a daemon endpoint, usually ran locally. The daemon is the derod daemon binary, linked above within the derosuite project.

Thank you very much nelbert442.

I’ve got it up and running!

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