DERO transfer guide

To transfer DERO see following steps.
1] Make sure Derod daemon and wallet are up and fully synced by running status cmd both in daemon and wallet.
2] Run refresh, rescan_bc, balance commands in wallet to sync wallet with daemon.
3] In wallet run following command to transfer DERO to receiver_address
transfer receiver_address amount receiver_payment_ID
amount -> No. of DERO
receiver_payment_ID -> Its optional to transfer between wallets but all will require this to send DERO to exchange. User can get receiver_payment_ID from their deposit DERO in exchange wallet.
transfer dERoYz6rFEKY3WisitKQb1g9szKj91p4rUYwAAmMzi2VPC1k7PM7BSydMAt8CAYA3g3q2B9PdrbmxAY FCrG6dPpg6qMTStWyCe 0123 ee04474e08f584ca21a7502173f8749d96de4f754ac2ab77db30f31b3a81191f

If any issues, Re-verify daemon block height.

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Use help cmd in wallet for more options.