Derod blockchain sync problem

Hi folks - I’ve searched and can’t seem to find anyone else having the same issue so here goes. I’m running a 2021 MacBook Pro and up until like a day ago, have had no issues with my CLI running as it should (as well as running the Stargate WW). Anyway, I noticed that I’m no longer synching with the blockchain and am stuck. I’ve done all the basic/obvious troubleshooting ie exit/restart Derod/Darwin, rebooted, checked AV for any new updates and am stumped. It looks like some sort of connection refusal but I can’t find/don’t know where to look to fix it. Thanks!


Make sure you have the latest release of DERO software:
Releases · deroproject/derohe · GitHub

Also allow UDP traffic in your VPN/Firewall.

Funny how sometimes the really obvious solutions escape us…must have missed the updated release by a day as I just installed the wallet on another laptop earlier this week. All set now, thanks.

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