Dero's official position on ASICs


Hello xLegacy,

We appreciate your very generous offer though it’s looking like the cost to purchase these ASICs is rapidly dropping which I believe to be an indicator that the information we have regarding how they work is likely correct.

Please don’t stress as when we have just a few more details we can deal with them as necessary :slight_smile:



Ohh,i can get an ASIC cryptonight miner at 2018/4/20 .Do you need it??


Thank you for your kind offer. We have a strong idea of what is inside these and we will make sure to have everything ready soon.

If we require a ASIC for testing we will keep your offer in mind


好的,谢谢。 Thisisisisisi20Characters


Official pool has about 2 Mh/s now, while all the other pools have much less. So where other ~8 Mh/s come from? It looks like already now at about ~80% of the total network hashrate comes from ASICs. 6 April Monero will apply Lithium Luna update, which should kill ASICs:

Maybe the Dero team could also apply similar update soon ?


There’s about 11 MH/s I can track through my list of known pools that are public and private

We are going to combat ASICs don’t worry :slight_smile:


noticed that too.

saw the sudden jump in network hashrate, and then difficulty started to climb.

not cool at all and definitely some ASICS are now on the network.

wish they didnt exist in this space. Ruins what Crypto is actually about, and the dealings of the manufacturers is despicable.

went from 20 dero a day to 5 now. in the space of 2 days? and i am just about to build a new budget rig this coming week. definitely puts me on a downer :frowning:

but Like serena said, they are going to combat ASICS, and in DERO and the Team i trust


According to with 1 Kh/s you will get 3.41$/Day by mining Monero. Then you can buy 5.6 Dero with the current price 0.6$ / Dero.

But when you mine Dero directly with 1Kh/s, you will get only ~1.5 Dero.


So, mining Monero is 3.7 times more profitable than Dero. Either the price of Dero should be ~3.7 times higher, or the hashrate should be 3.7 times lower. Why the network hashrate did not adjust after Monero fork ? On the contrary, it quickly increased during the last few days. The conclusion is that ~80% of the total Dero hashrate is from ASICs now. :frowning:

Dear Developers, maybe it is time also to change algo to the same as Monero use now ? Otherwise all the Dero community will buy Dero from Bitmain. Only stupid people will continue mining Dero with the current network hashrate and price.


“The conclusion is that ~80% of the total Dero hashrate is from ASICs now. :frowning:

I know a surprising number of the miners myself (public and private) and I’m certain that there is nowhere near 80% of Dero’s hashrate coming from ASICs. A lot of Dero’s current hashrate is from legitimate miners that talk to us regularly.

Again, Dero is working on this and saying the same thing repeatedly is not accomplishing anything.


Is it possible to see how much hashrate comes from China IP’s ?


No, but I do get to see a lot of the pools (private too) so I can see their hashrates/connected miners/speak with them


Ok, thank you for your reply !


why are all against asics? I myself have 2 Baikal N… they are much more efficient


because the manufacturers mine with them first en masse - Centralisation
Then sell them 2nd hand - unethical
high price entry - more centralisation to larger farms

All the above are not healthy for the ecosystem of crypto in general.


Pls see Creating robust, secure, energy efficient and decentralized blockchain network


@Serena: But do you agree that some of DERO’s hashrate is from ASIC? Time to to change algo sooner or later following other cryptonote coins.


Good for you @and1! Are you currently mining DERO in them?


@Serena, please provide citation here. What if those private pools are actually running ASICs? We all know that before ASICs were announced, DERO’s hashrate was very less and more than half of it was at official public pool

More and more you say about private pools, more and more this project feels like privately owned one. More public it is, more transparent it will be! As one of the early user, I wish that this project is publicly managed and all things are transparent which I’m not able to see now.


I agree with @Mik here. Hope the developer(s) do what is best for the community.



There will always be private pool operators. They come to me to receive the same support that others require (updates/// information/// etc)