Dero's official position on ASICs


official pool = 700k nethash 40m… yeah all the miners are leaving… i’ve personally moved back to monero… atleast i’m getting good returns there


No ideas who are those people, I use only 16 mh/s on dero from a nicehash.
Don’t see a lot of reasons to switch to 40 mh/s,I think that is too much!


36hrs huuu… :rage::rage::rage:
You guys might be a set of crazy devs, but your ux sucks.


I made that post 24 hours and 11 minutes ago


Seriously! It says 1 day :thinking::thinking:



My Bad then. I am waiting for a good decision to start mining again.


No worries, I understand that you just want to get back to things and we appreciate your support!


good luck devs… 95MHs network.
And when i understand u want to fork in 4-6 weeks. I hope projekt will survive…


With several major breakthroughs and being ahead of schedule, I’m sure we will be fine. Please try to look at the broader issue and how large//complex the issues that were solved are.

I’m still monitoring the situation closely.


sorry,i left,gpu mine is dead on dero


Yes, we understand that it is difficult for cpu//gpu miners at the moment. We will make firm anti-asic changes that should be truly effective and I believe you’ll be happy when you see what the team is up to


Why not make a quick patch with monero7, that way you get more time to work on your Sophisticated solution and test it. And at the same time get the community happy, that will be a win-win.


… because its not simply copy paste because of golang source code.
I undeestand the problem. So keep waiting 6 weeks. Mine another coin. Change a part of it in dero and rebeginn mining after fork.


It’s copy and paste + a bit of work. All they have to do is Create an interface that will wrap around any c++ code they are using. After all it’s just a temporary patch. I think this is fear enough than letting the community down for months!


I have only one question: why not publish golang source-code? It would approve that you devs have really created something new. Why wait again 6 Weeks before forking / publishing the code.

If source code is not free, nobody knows if its developing or not.

Its a game of trust. I think there are many miners who trusted dero project and the team, but now its time to give something back and open the code so everybody can see results.

People might think, dero could be a big scam if code is secret… u know what i want to explain?



The Dero team has access to a lot of information and technology that is not publicly available and for now this is the most cautious approach.



If the Dero team allows the lack of ASIC resistance to go on then they will be complicit in the death of the coin. They are creating an environment in which massive centralization of the coin is occurring which is completely counter to the purpose of privacy minded coins.

Mega-Whales are being created due to this negligence and eventually they will dump… it is as simple as that. Right now I suspect the price of Dero is being manipulated higher in preparation for a massive dump of the coin. This will mean that any honest miner that hoped to make any amount of money on the coin in any reasonable amount of time will be most likely screwed.


I’m sorry you feel that way. I prefer to look at it as protecting what we’ve all invested our time and hashpower in versus short term profits. When we provide more updates in the future, including our technical paper, this should be much more clear.

When people look back at this period in time and look to all the networks being attacked, I’m certain that people will truly be able to appreciate how hard our team is working to provide what we consider to be the most resilient blockchain anywhere to date.

I’ve got more than 100 KH/s (CryptoNight) and I’m not a fan of ASICs either, but I have information about what’s actually happening with these attacks and what the Dero research and development team are working on is 100% important.


Thanks for engaging with everyone Serena. I think everyone is very appreciative of the communication you and someone like Mojo brings to the table.

I do want to question whether the devs have weighed up the following scenarios.

  1. status quo for now…dero Atlantis in 6 weeks time. This however doesn’t create asic resistance. Network is still overloaded,when a decision is made all the Asics that have mined dero will dump for profits. Dero literally bottoms out. The initial supporters don’t come back because there is no more faith.
  2. dero does a quick fork now to appease the community and restore faith from within. Asics dump a smaller amount now than in the future, dero doesn’t bottom out. Integrity is maintained and roadmap continues as normal.

Look…its up to you guys end of the day. As much as you have taken community feedback into account…it doesn’t really change anything. Because if it did you would hear the majority of the community calling for an immediate brick to Asics and not this slow poison to the network with the promise or hope that all will be well.

I’m still team dero. I have much faith. However I…along with a large portion of the community are not happy with what’s transpiring. Our excitement is still there however it’s laced with fear and unhappiness.

The dero team are walking a very fine line between alienating the miners that started on the network and becoming nothing because of what’s happening.

Best regards