Dificulty setings auto vs static

how does difficulty influence payments?
if i mine at low diff i get more shares but are they as valuable as higher diff?

should i set my miner to auto or static lowest seting?

Hi yang_system,

Low difficulty shares are not as valuable as high difficulty shares. The automatic difficulty setting (vardiff) will try to get you an average share time of 30 seconds.

When you look at your submitted hashes after a few hours or day you will notice that the submits are about the same but vardiff can have its advantages.

If you do set a static difficulty please use your current hashrate, multiply by 30 and use that number as your static difficulty.



your reply is clear for me… is it not only for dero but also for all other coins, right?

Hi mattkkk,

Yes, that is for all coins :slight_smile:

Would that be based on the total HR in a single location or per machine? I have a CPU farm of 150kh but each machine there only clocks about 380h/'s? If I started another location would mining to the same wallet would I total the 2 together and then calculate? Or should I just let the vardiff deal with it?