Don't know my wallet name

I haven’t logged into my wallet in a long time and want to access it now but I didn’t save the wallet name as I didn’t think it was necessary. I have my seed words but it won’t let me get to my wallet and says “error err seed not found in any language.” What can I do? Do I need to know the wallet name? I don’t even recall ever making a wallet name for my wallet. Thanks!

Check each word against the respective language file here:

e.g. English - derohe/english_mnemonics.go at main · deroproject/derohe · GitHub

Be sure all of your 25 seed words are correct and then try to restore from seed afterwards. Wallet name is only whatever you named it before and the file name associated, it is not needed. Only seed is ever needed.

So do I have to put commas and enter between each word?

It let me log in by changing my name, and I had the password right anyway. But it says I have no Dero in there, when I know I had 2 Dero in there…

No it is spaces between words.

okay I was able to recover my wallet but it says I have 0 Dero which I know is not true. I should have had about 5 Dero, from what I remember now. I never sent the Dero out from there. Did I get hacked? Is there a way to see if the display of how much Dero I have is accurate?

You mentioned you haven’t used it in a while. DERO migrated to Stargate at the end of February. If it was from before this then you most likely are thinking of an Atlantis wallet. Access it and rescan from start topoheight or when your transaction occurred -

If it was more recent and you have a registered Stargate wallet (height shows x/x and not 0/x). Then you should have everything you need.

If Atlantis you’ll need to swap to Stargate and can find guides here: . Some find it easier to swap using TradeOgre, so you make an account and send DERO to their Atlantis address then create a Stargate wallet and register them transfer them back from TradeOgre. This will swap for you, or can follow other methods.

Few docs and ideas at docs.dero site and lots of assistance on the discord server as well.

yes that’s probably why. it was over a year ago i think when i got the wallet

Oh If I don’t know how many dero are in my wallet, how can I send it to tradeogre though?

I tried sending Dero to the Trade Ogre account but it said ‘Invalid Dero Adress, please retry.’ Even though I didn’t have an amount of dero showing up in my account, I know I had at least 5 so I tried sending 5 dero…

Did you make sure you copy and pasted the address that says atlantis?

can you point me to the discord page?

We figured out the issue. My wallet wasn’t synched. It took a while and after it synched I sent all my Dero to TradeOgre Atlantis address but now I am waiting for it to get to tradeogre. How long does it usually take to get received in Tradeogre?

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Depends. but I have seen 100-500 confirmations.
Give it over night, or over the weekend. 72 hours max.

OK so when I make the new wallet on Stargate ( is it just a matter of recovering my old wallet from the seed or do I have to make one with a new seed?

You will need to make a new one.