Download CLI wallet from higher blockchain height for Windows

Would be so very grateful for some help as I’ve been trying for months to sync the CLI wallet in Windows. Ive had to start over twice and literally takes a week just to get to 200K in height so I desperately need to figure out how to start sync at higher blockchain height in the millions. I’ve gotten some pointers from support and telegram chat but I’ve bit off more than I can chew with the CLI wallet and don’t understand enough to understand the help I’ve been given. I’ve already created wallet and sent my DERO to it so I’m a bit stuck albeit from my own errors which I totally own, but stuck none the less. I need someone to literally give me step by step instructions as if I’m a kindergartener at this point. Can anyone help?

If you are using SSD and good network connection,it takes 4-8 hrs to sync wallet completely from 0.
Try using remote node option as follows:
./dero-wallet-cli-linux-amd64 --remote

For details see Create/Backup/Restore DERO Wallet in one minute