Engram wallet stuck on login (yellow dot)

Good morning Phoenix, I had to change the Mainnet connection REMOTE settings of my Windows GUI wallet now to (Default entry)
I found out after re-insttalling the wallet. The node.derofoundation.org:11012 entry would crash the wallet immediately after starting it. Even w/o providing the chance to enter Account name and PW. Boom, crashed. Now after re-installing the wallet and using the default connection settings all is well again.

Good morning Matthew, i have no idea how the Emgram wallet is installed on windows and what resources or files it uses within windows.

So i do not have a clue on why the wallet keeps crashing when you try to logon.

I had similar problems on my Mac but a reinstall and a wallet recovery worked for me.

I do not have a windos machine to test the Engram wallet on.

What i do know is that the default configured address points to the servers that have been disabled.

Thanks Phoenix. Currently my GUI windows Engram wallet is working fine. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for your help, very much apperciate it.

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