Engram wallet stuck on login (yellow dot)

Good morning Phoenix, I had to change the Mainnet connection REMOTE settings of my Windows GUI wallet now to (Default entry)
I found out after re-insttalling the wallet. The node.derofoundation.org:11012 entry would crash the wallet immediately after starting it. Even w/o providing the chance to enter Account name and PW. Boom, crashed. Now after re-installing the wallet and using the default connection settings all is well again.

Good morning Matthew, i have no idea how the Emgram wallet is installed on windows and what resources or files it uses within windows.

So i do not have a clue on why the wallet keeps crashing when you try to logon.

I had similar problems on my Mac but a reinstall and a wallet recovery worked for me.

I do not have a windos machine to test the Engram wallet on.

What i do know is that the default configured address points to the servers that have been disabled.

Thanks Phoenix. Currently my GUI windows Engram wallet is working fine. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for your help, very much apperciate it.

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@nelbert442 In case you missed my last reply…


Apologies for the typo… I meant " Will I still be able to access the previous Atlantis CLI wallet, after downloading the Stargate CLI wallet, in case the Atlantis CLI wallet may still be needed in some way to recover the Atlantis funds?

In relation to the node address comment in a related post I was notified about, are you saying to enter all of the following… or just the part following the equals sign?:


@nelbert just reminding you of my last message posted 21 March…


since three days I have the same problem with the wallet being stuck on login at the yellow. dot.
I don’t know if that problem exists longer than three days because it the last time i logged in was 4 weeks ago.

Hello Daniel,

On the login screen of Engram press settings, there is an IP address and a port number filled in.

Replace it with node.derofoundation.org:11012

If this doesn’t work you might want to reinstall the Engram Wallet, be sure to first backup the .db and .db.bak files that are in the mainnet folder (else you have to recover your wallet using the seed words)

If you also want to use the intergraded Netrunner miner you need to place the JSON files that are mentioned here DERO Network Update. Network Disruption Resolution | by Dank | DERO | Mar, 2023 | Medium in the mainet folder.

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Hi, Just wondering if you are on the DERO team @Phoenix ?

My Engram hasn’t functioned for the last 4 months… Tried replacing with above address, tried deleting hashtards folder, tried recovering from seed 7 times so far… nothing ever works…
As soon as password is entered and click to open wallet, it disappears every time…

Hi Scaramanga,

No i am NOT with the Dero team, just had issues with the Engram wallet myself and i’m tech savvy due to my IT-work.

So it figured some stuff out how to resolve issues I encountered with the Engram wallet after the chain split and sinds i know not everyone is tech savvy i just try to help my fellow Dero enthusiasts.

What you describe i have encountered myself, i reinstalled the Engram wallet when that happend. That fixed the issue for me.

You could try and start Engram from a command prompt and see what output appears in the prompt to trouble shoot the issue.


Thanks @Phoenix… just wondering if you were from the team… They never seem to reply to anyone on here…

I’m not sure how to start wallet from command prompt. If you could kindly paste some simple instructions/ in steps, that would be appreciated… Thanks… :slight_smile:

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@scaramanga, i am a Mac user so i can tell you how i start it on my system which is go to the app location (which for me is applications). Then i do a right klick on the app and go to Show Package Content, open the folder Contents → MacOS → right klick on Engram → open with → Treminal.app

This will launch the Engram wallet through the command line and show what the app is doing (network calls, miner activity, etc)

On a Linux system the method i use on MacOS is basically the same (as MacOS is based on Linux)

I assume there is a similar way to do this on Windows (right klick on the Engram.exe file and launch in terminal/command line)

Else you have to open a command prompt (in RUN type CMD and the press enter) this will open a command line interface and the brows to the installation directory where Engram is and launch Engram.exe on the command line.

I do not have a windows system so i can not test how this works for Engram on Windows, so i made some assumptions on how Engram is installed on windows.

Thank you.
Yesterday it didn’t work, now it worked so fast like never before^^
I changed nothing.
The node i already replaced a few months ago. So I didn’t changed anything.

Thanks, I since managed to start the engram.exe file from command prompt on Windows 10.

No “output” appeared other than the wallet starting… but again, when I enter password, the wallet does nothing further. It used to immediately disappear, but now it doesn’t even do that!

In fact it won’t even close when I try to close it. I have to go to task manager and END TASK…

I had the same issues before, it has to do with the fact that the wallet is unable to connect to the Dero node.
Reinstalling Engram fixed the issue.

If you use a VPN connection you might try and set it to another location to see if that fixes the issue.
Also the time settings on your windows installation might be of so the wallet is working with the wrong system time and is unable to do a proper sync to the network.

Reinstalled and recovered wallet from seed 7 times already over the last few months… Disabled VPN too… Engram wallet still won’t connect.

Which time settings do you mean and what should they be set to? I have time and date set as current…

What i meant with date and time is, is it synced with an time server (system time in sync with the internet time)

Hi - windows user. yellow dot issue. once subit password nothing happens. how do i uninstall please?

Did you resolve this? Having the same problem on Mac.

Your help would be much appreciated


Hi - no I did not resolve. thinking I should uninstall and reinstall although unsure how go about uninstalling.

So your funds are trapped? I’m having the same problem. I know it’s early days and under development, but it’s not great for big adoption