Funds not going into tradeogre

Hello all I have sent test amount to tradeogre and it has not showed up in 48hrs

08 Sep 22 14:49 CDT Height 902772 TopoHeight 902772 transaction 76611c210806377dfa40b44d174c5e15f334cd6954e9a1aa0acd414d2b2d5296 spent 3.00000 DERO Destination: dero1qyzlxxgq2weyqlxg5u4tkng2lf5rktwanqhse2hwm577ps22zv2x2qq9lz0ne Proof: deroproof1qyv4kqtudycn2pjck27c6lvjsu8sqq7xwv9vdqk9jgktyugccyc47q9zvfyyskpq0d89d3f6fvxr20udvpmch55eegf5twcq955gs6jna45dhfjtvwcky4j4rgqqfylq65uyrh RPC CALL arguments [Name:D Type:uint64 Value:‘1787653098029696418’

This is my transaction history but the “destination address” here does not match the tradeogre address, is this normal because I do recognize the tradeogre address but not the address listed here, I would have direct copied address from tradeogre into CLI when i sent the funds so I don’t really understand how this could have happened or what is going on.

Thanks, J

Give few days as TO wallet is in maintenance.
Second above address is correct & valid as you copied integrated_Address which includes destination port also to identify your DERO on exchanges.