How long until swap shows in stargate?


Today i followed instructions here Stargate: A Private Decentralized Application Platform — DERO Documentation documentation to do a small atlantis to stargate swap first as a test before doing more/all atlantis funds.

doco mentions swap funds will show “after one week of Stargate uptime.” which i assume has lapsed and is just that the doco was from before stargate launch. So when can people doing a swap now expect to see the stargate funds after swap?

I used my own wallets using --remote flag for both wallets.
i managed to activate/register a stargate wallet early on and have plenty balance from a later exchange purchase.
Atlantis funds were sent to the First Deposit USER address (dERoVUQjwDd…)
stargate side… ringsize 2 was changed and comment was “atlantistxid:atlantisamount” without quotes and 0.00001 amount in stragate. Pretty simple enough.

I assumed the funds should be instant but they are not there, or does a human need to do this manually or at batch process?

Just as an extra comment. For me stargate daemon does not seem sync over qubes/tor, the atlantis daemon synced fine. Maybe stargate uses udp that this doesnt work?

Not sure who managed reddit. But it is odd there is not a big sticky thread about this.


Relax & DM your TXID.

Thanks, im struggling to find out how to DM you :slight_smile: Is it because this is new forum account?
edit: DM’ed moderators group, cant DM you direct it seems? Thanks.
Would be good if someone can chime in and explain what the expected behavior is. Auto or has there been a problem here. I did use remote nodes with my downlaoded linux wallets. Cheers.
edit: oh im relaxed alright. why wouldnt i be?

Check your forum Inbox and reply.

thanks all good.
What actually went wrong? Is there something i can do next time to avoid this issue considering i have more to swap?

tumbleweed shouts into the wind…‘is this a legit project’

Pls shout in one thread only.
Atlantis / Stargate swap: wallet error reading address - #10 by sagman