Hydra Marketplace Relaunch (Russian Darkweb Marketplace)


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Hello I am an Admin with Hydra Market A Russian Darknet Marketplace.


The synopsis is with over 1 billion $ in sales within the last year has met its demise due to blockchain analysis due to the use of Bitcoin.

Dero has struck my interest as an alternative to using Monero.

Our new service is up as a temp until our launch on 7/10/22.


We are currently in search of an investor for $100,000 usd.

We have a proposal in using Dero as our main currency versus Monero if we can strike a deal with someone or Group that hodls Dero and use it as our main form of currency and offer a return of $175,000 around October 20th.

This in return can help rebuild our infrastructure as well as bring great value to Dero.

*We are not the original admin team

Thanks for considering please leave a pgp key to communicate and or a return Dero address.

I see this as a win for everyone!

    • Hydra Admins (Amatol Team)
















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If you post a dero address, people can communicate with your wallet and it is Homomomorphicly encrypted… No need for pgp.

It will make things a lot easier, IMO

Thank you.

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You need to register your account.
You do this either in the terminal cli wallet or web wallet.
The cli wallet can read & send messages, the web wallet cannot send but can read


CLI wallet

After you open the cli-wallet, you would hit 4 and then enter. Registration takes 2 hours and will spit out a registration txid when it is done. You will find tx in your tx history by pressing 13.

web wallet

For the web wallet, you would open it up and press the registration tab on the left hand side of the screen and then the registration button at the center.

Sending and reviewing messages

sending a message

In the cli wallet, after you have your registered wallet, you would type 5 to send a tx
Then it will ask you the address, try sending me a tx first.
Now you can set the message id for your records
Then you set the amount of dero you are sending
you can send 0.0 DERO for simply sending messages
you will only be paying the miners to send your message

how to find messages

To review your messages, you will use tx history in your wallet
From the menu, you will type 13 and then enter
This will bring up your wallet’s history of txs
And you will see any messages going out
And you will see any messages going in


you are welcome to message me here, disord, or tg when you have questions.
I will review my tx history routinely to see your first message come through, but you may want to simply say you did it here, just because.

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You will also want to look into doing a nameservive registration for your “hydra-customer-support” wallet.

This → documentation/DVMDOCS/examples/nameservice at master · deroproject/documentation · GitHub

Let us know how/when we can help.

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Ok great Registered but had a synchronization error in the cli
I did a “pop 1000” so awaiting for it to sync back up as my address is coming back unregistered.

Thanks for your support and warm quick welcome I see our vision aligning nicely with Dero.

You can run ./dero-wallet-cli --remote and you won’t need a node. Not very secure, but it’s quick in dirty.

But you could use someone elses node, like the official node provided by DERO

./dero-wallet-cli --daemon-rpc-address minernode1.dero.io:10102

Also, welcome. Privacy is a Human right. What folks do with Privacy is their own business, and it is an honor to help others into the tools that I use every day.

So thank you.

Still in search of an investor.

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The userflow at first is to lure back the past user base and slowly encourage adaption of DERO.
When the buyer goes to make a purchase for the first time they will receive a notification to that all purchases must now be made in DERO and receive a 1 time courtesy swap to DERO.
Need DERO? Learn more here.

Leave a number 75-deroreturnaddress for 75k or higher if needed possibly extending to Jan - Feb
or I can look for them in the discord channel.

Somethings are beyond my control but things that are will remain secure.


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IMO, you will have more fun from crowdsourcing your funding/development needs.

By being specific as to what you need from the community, maybe there are devs that would want to get involved with your project on the levels that they are able to contribute. .

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This type of project is unfortunately a closed circle. We are closing our effort on July 5th. It’s a unique opportunity for the right person.

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Well my friends this is the final day of our crowd funding efforts.

It’s a great opportunity for the community as well as the right person if your out there lurking go with your better judgement take a gamble and fund this project.

We have completed our quick fundraising round unsuccessfully but will see what the future holds. I asked the moderation team to please delete this thread and a special thanks to everyone that helped me learn about DERO. Best of luck to the community.

Hydra Admins (Amatol Team)