I can't get my Dero

i’m going to spell it out here. i was referred to this project by Jeff Berwick, who raved about it. i like Jeff, so I bought 150 Dero @ maybe about 8 bucks a token last year from still a active Trade Ogre account, and I still have the address it was sent to, which was my on-line Dero Wallet. i only had one wallet, and i thought i wrote down the seed phrase and stored it carefully and safely. I was going to buy some more Dero, but the wallet always bothered. where could i put my tokens safely? i didn’t feel safe. i checked the balance every week or so to make sure i was on top of it with the same password , and it always worked and the funds were always there, so i was ok with it. then i checked one day this year, i few months ago, and it seems my wallet migrated without me knowing about it to a new wallet, and now the password doesn’t work, even thought the wallet name is on the new wallet. i thought i wrote down the seed phrase, because i only had one seed phrase in the only file labeled Dero on my computer. i tried i don’t know many times with different wallets and many different browsers using that seed phrase, and nothing works. i’m not a coder or computer wiz. one question, is how did that happen? why did my funds transfer without my permission? and now they’re lost so it seems. why did you guys not make a different wallet and then let us make the transfer separately on our own. that doesn’t make any sense. now i hear that they’re going to burn all the tokens that aren’t transferred by today. i really tried hard to fix this problem…i put in like week. i was exhausted. and on top of this, i referred this programs to other people, some who have had the same problem. so now i’m going to be responsible, because i don’t like to refer projects with dysfunctional wallets and protocols.

can anyone here help me get back my funds? i can go to Trade Ogre or take a snap show, and show you my address, and maybe someone can show me what’s going on with my funds? i’m upset now. money doesn’t grow on trees, and i trusted Jeff Berwick. I don’t know if i should have, i don’t know about you guys, but that was a lot of money for me. and i’m also sorry i referred your supposed decentralized project to other people who can’t find their funds either. can someone help me please? i just want my tokens that i bought with hard earned money.

and also i tried registering the stargate wallet as was suggested in many others threads here, and i can’t do it. and i used numerous different browsers. i can’t study computer coding for 5 five years to figure this out right now.

thank you

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