I don't understand how the block rewards work

I have mined 6 mini blocks today and only received the reward for one of them.

When I don’t find any blocks / mini blocks I don’t get any reward.

When I find multiple blocks / mini blocks I only get rewards for some of them.

Before with pool mining it made sense as miners were paid in proportion to the work put in, but solo mining doesn’t appear to behave as one would expect - e.g being rewarded for finding blocks.

Can somebody please explain in simple terms how rewards work with Dero solo mining as they don’t seem to be relevant to finding blocks at all, it’s just making no sense to me.

Pls read this DERO Stargate Mining Calculations.
Please mine for atleast a week to report.
Probability gives better results if applied on longer intervals.
Even if you mined block successfully, you will not get rewards if someone else submits the block faster than your block.
If two/more blocks are submitted at same-time then block with more POW will be accepted.

Thanks for the reply.

Please mine for atleast a week to report.

Will do.

Probability gives better results if applied on longer intervals.

Although it makes sense, I’m not really sure that’s relevant when I am finding blocks though.

Even if you mined block successfully, you will not get rewards if someone else submits the block faster than your block.
If two/more blocks are submitted at same-time then block with more POW will be accepted.

I’m having a hard time understanding how this is normal. If it were happening on say 10% of all blocks found I would accept that although I would still consider that to be pretty bad odds. In my case I have mined 11 blocks and only been paid for 2. That’s an extremely high fail rate, especially when you consider how long it takes to find a block. If I were finding blocks every few minutes it wouldn’t be such a big deal if most of them failed but as it stands in the last 30+ hours I have received a grand total of 0.123 Dero when it should have been 0.6765 had all of the blocks found actually been credited.

I will keep it rolling for a week and report back though, hopefully it will balance out over time as you say.

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So it’s been 4 weeks. Any improvement with your pay rate?

I’m starting to suspect mined blocks are getting siphoned off.

@spicer, Did you ever get this working, or did you quit mining DERO?

No I ended up switching to XMR.

In the last few days I was mining DERO I found 0 mini blocks and 0 blocks so I gave up and deleted my node.

100% agree with you, somebody is siphoning off the blocks somehow. It started so suddenly there is no other explaination, I can’t believe the devs haven’t realised or addressed this yet.

The coin swap between old and new chains is a bit of a disaster too. I really hope they sort out all of the issues.

Feel free to try latest release 73 Release Release73: Mining Improvements 2 · deroproject/derohe · GitHub

You can investigate the miniblock rewards and all is publicly accessible to check your claims. Feel free to provide analysis and conclusions based on facts if you believe there is something to be found.

I’m not getting paid. I don’t know why.

I don’t think any of us could provide proof of anything, only that we aren’t being paid for the blocks we are finding. When I first brought up the fact I wasn’t being paid for all of the blocks I was finding I was told it’s because another miner has submitted the same solution at the exact same time - but as they had done more computational work on the solution they were awarded the block reward instead of me.

If that happened once a week I’d live with it, even though it doesn’t seem fair - surely the block reward should be split between both parties that found it in this instance no?

But it wasn’t happening once a week - it was happening with pretty much every other block I was finding. I was getting paid for one and then nothing for the next one and so on.

But even that wasn’t a complete disaster as I was finding a lot of mini blocks and blocks everyday, so it was still worthwhile mining. But as you have heard from several miners by now, the blocks dried up overnight, the last 48hrs I mined I found nothing at all.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that somebody with a huge CPU, GPU (or even ASIC) farm is now on the network gobbling up the lions share of the blocks AND then also taking the rewards away from smaller miners like me using the “same time / more work” explaination above.

I thought the end of Pool mining and the switch to Solo was supposed to give everybody a chance to mine DERO. This is not happening at all. There is no way I can prove it to you and there is no reason why you would even notice it as whoever is snaffeling up all of the blocks is keeping the chain moving just fine - but if I am right the hashpower is now centralized - and that is a potential disaster for any POW crypto project.


Any1 has any news in regards to whole mining experience with newest 74 release?
I can only say atm I get ~ 1 miniblock a day/2 days with 200 kH/s using remote.
Waiting for node to catch up with network and will connect 3 machines to that see if has any success?

I am also the one who was getting 1 mini every 2-6 hrs with 130kH/s just few weeks ago and then it started showing errors etc, updates came out and it went all down from that point to where I am now with 1 mini every 1-2 days with 200 kH/s.
Literally 10x less?

Pls check this DERO Stargate Mining Calculations
Also check NW diff, Increased a lot recently.
Miniblock everyday with 200KH is all good with 10G NW hash.

One mini-block is worth about 33 cents right now. If you are expecting miners to run their rigs on your network 24/7 to literally throw their money down the drain every single day, then I’m sorry, you really don’t understand how the POW mining scene works.

Maybe you should look at switching to POS instead.

Wishing you good luck with everything.

Thank you for your suggestions.
DERO is for the people by the people. Let them decide.

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