Introduce your Self


this thread for our community to introduce self…
hi im redfox. from Southeast Asia. nice to know dero. :grinning:


Hello Redfox,

My name is Serena, I’m from Canada, and I’m very fortunate to be the community manager for the Dero Project!

It’s nice to have you here :slightly_smiling_face:


Adam. I’m from Poland but emigrated to United Kingdom bout 11 years ago.

I’m a happy DERO hodler


Hi Serena, nice to know you and dero
Come and visit Bali :slight_smile:


Hi adam. im proud too as dero holder. Let’s make a new ATH


Hello my names Justen and I’m so excited to be witnessing this project early on😀


Same with me. Let’s tell to the world about dero


Hi myself Chandu , I a happy DERO holder hoping for a bright future for the coin and myself.

Have a good day folks.


Hi chandu. We have same dream. Bright future for $dero.

In Twitter land, so little $dero tweet :neutral_face:
Let’s make some noise on cryptotwitterland


Sure , I will do my best. <3


howdy folks! Love my kids & grandkids, Navy Veteran, IT Engineer, Blockchain enthusiast :metal:



I’m Florian from France. I am a pool operator, a miner and a dero holder.
I appreciate this community and I try to participate and help as best I can.

Good idea this post.

One last thing: I love this smiley :bird::bird::bird:


Wow. We have a brave man here. :guardsman::muscle:


Hi florian. a miner? I want to be a miner. :bomb::bomb:
nice to see coins come to our wallet, right? :gem::gem::gem:


It’s really impressive to see how diverse our community is!


Hi. My name is PJ and I live in Greece. I am really excited about the Dero project. Glad I found it.


Hi, im from spain.
Im Saving money to build a miner and buying dero when dumps 2800.
I will like contribute in all o can.


Hi PJ, and let’s support dero projects!! :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Did you miner already done?
On dero team, i only know Serena, only her that always talking on forum and Twitter.


Hello everyone, I am delighted to join Dero forum. I have a small bag at present due to the those dirty ASICs. Once the new algo is updated I will resume mining. It would be intresting to know how many team members DERO has and what’s their roles?