Introduce your Self

Three devs. Their role is to develop.


If you need any input regarding strategy, marketing, implementation I’m happy to assist and at your service :slight_smile:

Hi… Im RJ
Thank you for allowing me to join the group

Hi RJ, we are happy as a derosfam :wink:

Hey, I like cars and I am very excited to hodl Dero. I really like the idea behind it and love the potential.

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Hi there,

I’m going to buy some DERO next week. Initially, the shilling at /biz/ since February gave me spooks, so I stood away until recently. I’ve checked out your page (very cool, dark, cyberesque design, btw) and read a few comments here and in your Discord channel what finally conviced me to put a bit of money into your project. I’m looking forward to ride this train!

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Hi grim, nice move. I bought dero a month ago, and still accumulating. Uhm, i think dero not a train, but a Rocket :blush:

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Hello im Manuel from Germany. Im with this project since Dec. 2017 when i mined DERO.
Im still holding and start mining with my CPU againe.