Is mining broken or is something nefarious going on?

It seems next to impossible to get paid for a block. Support has posted that all is working like it should. Is there something nefarious going on? Is there someone in the middle stealing blocks? :pirate_flag: Is an insider job possible? Just asking.

Mining DERO used to be so much fun, but it’s become a sad, sad endeavor.


Is it possible that some daemons have been modified to claim others’ mined shares?

My miners find blocks, but I don’t get any profit from them. I tried to mine my VPS daemon (4 core, 16GB RAM, SSD) and the public daemon ( and the same - no profit. Something is wrong…

Does anyone know of a daemon out there that successfully pays out for all mined blocks? I wouldn’t mind paying 9% if I actually got paid.

Mining is definitely broken.

Somebody is doing something on the network to insure that miners aren’t paid for the blocks they find, almost like they are stealing the solutions before they are accepted and then submitting them themselves so they get paid.

Whatever it is it’s not good.

Feel free to try latest release 73 Release Release73: Mining Improvements 2 · deroproject/derohe · GitHub

You can investigate the miniblock rewards and all is publicly accessible to check your claims. Feel free to provide analysis and conclusions based on facts if you believe there is something to be found.

Unfortunately, the new version doesn’t work either.
Here are the logs from my miners:

{“L”:“DEBUG”,“T”:“2022-05-03T06:22:20.751+0200”,“N”:“miner”,“C”:“dero-miner/miner.go:502”,“M”:“Successfully found DERO miniblock (going to submit)”,“difficulty”:“9725771290”,“height”:304223}

{“L”:“DEBUG”,“T”:“2022-05-03T06:53:59.609+0200”,“N”:“miner”,“C”:“dero-miner/miner.go:502”,“M”:“Successfully found DERO miniblock (going to submit)”,“difficulty”:“11435696550”,“height”:304328}

{“L”:“DEBUG”,“T”:“2022-05-03T05:23:58.945Z”,“N”:“miner”,“C”:“dero-miner/miner.go:502”,“M”:“Successfully found DERO miniblock (going to submit)”,“difficulty”:“11516353383”,“height”:304063}

{“L”:“DEBUG”,“T”:“2022-05-03T04:40:57.267Z”,“N”:“miner”,“C”:“dero-miner/miner.go:502”,“M”:“Successfully found DERO miniblock (going to submit)”,“difficulty”:“12490228915”,“height”:304310}

Here are the block logs from the daemon:

{“L”:“DEBUG”,“T”:“2022-05-03T05:22:51.329+0100”,“N”:“CORE.blid_edbf7ce14224282802dc488bd74b866941e526d114177ba13752b4f69e9f0ce6”,“C”:“blockchain/blockchain.go:844”,“M”:“Chain extended”,“new height”:304223}
{“L”:“DEBUG”,“T”:“2022-05-03T05:22:51.342+0100”,“N”:“CORE”,“C”:“blockchain/blockchain.go:1003”,“M”:“fixed loop”,“topo”:304223}
{“L”:“DEBUG”,“T”:“2022-05-03T05:22:51.343+0100”,“N”:“CORE”,“C”:“blockchain/blockchain.go:1037”,“M”:“storing topo”,“topo”:304223,“blid”:“edbf7ce14224282802dc488bd74b866941e526d114177ba13752b4f69e9f0ce6”,“topoheight”:304223,“commit_version”:307199,“committed_merkle”:“adfaa871d285e630da517efad369470c592613dec7e876f569ab3e85724ba32f”}

{“L”:“DEBUG”,“T”:“2022-05-03T05:24:34.419+0100”,“N”:“CORE.blid_ee5a93a2c3c6e4fd4ce6c59853c1478a183c157a215913094272ce2be3735c86”,“C”:“blockchain/blockchain.go:844”,“M”:“Chain extended”,“new height”:304228}
{“L”:“DEBUG”,“T”:“2022-05-03T05:24:34.446+0100”,“N”:“CORE”,“C”:“blockchain/blockchain.go:1003”,“M”:“fixed loop”,“topo”:304228}
{“L”:“DEBUG”,“T”:“2022-05-03T05:24:34.447+0100”,“N”:“CORE”,“C”:“blockchain/blockchain.go:1037”,“M”:“storing topo”,“topo”:304228,“blid”:“ee5a93a2c3c6e4fd4ce6c59853c1478a183c157a215913094272ce2be3735c86”,“topoheight”:304228,“commit_version”:307204,“committed_merkle”:“a0fc2244dd2e353bd464d6dbce163c6eea571344249f284e9a51fd363eab1017”}

{“L”:“DEBUG”,“T”:“2022-05-03T04:32:14.574+0100”,“N”:“CORE.blid_2f9b5f45f1560ce3f073ef3bc0571a7d23c30a3714dbc4d2a2b4b422e8928850”,“C”:“blockchain/blockchain.go:844”,“M”:“Chain extended”,“new height”:304063}
{“L”:“DEBUG”,“T”:“2022-05-03T04:32:14.608+0100”,“N”:“CORE”,“C”:“blockchain/blockchain.go:1003”,“M”:“fixed loop”,“topo”:304063}
{“L”:“DEBUG”,“T”:“2022-05-03T04:32:14.609+0100”,“N”:“CORE”,“C”:“blockchain/blockchain.go:1037”,“M”:“storing topo”,“topo”:304063,“blid”:“2f9b5f45f1560ce3f073ef3bc0571a7d23c30a3714dbc4d2a2b4b422e8928850”,“topoheight”:304063,“commit_version”:307028,“committed_merkle”:“2e38fedb61ee56bcf9a2958319270976a9ad067c11b5ec17122256e614b54eeb”}

{“L”:“DEBUG”,“T”:“2022-05-03T05:48:04.139+0100”,“N”:“CORE.blid_a0a8d8f7de1d6b4e78dda27cfc2d8bf1492cee452390deeaee1d704c484b8b77”,“C”:“blockchain/blockchain.go:844”,“M”:“Chain extended”,“new height”:304310}
{“L”:“DEBUG”,“T”:“2022-05-03T05:48:04.175+0100”,“N”:“CORE”,“C”:“blockchain/blockchain.go:1003”,“M”:“fixed loop”,“topo”:304310}
{“L”:“DEBUG”,“T”:“2022-05-03T05:48:04.176+0100”,“N”:“CORE”,“C”:“blockchain/blockchain.go:1037”,“M”:“storing topo”,“topo”:304310,“blid”:“a0a8d8f7de1d6b4e78dda27cfc2d8bf1492cee452390deeaee1d704c484b8b77”,“topoheight”:304310,“commit_version”:307288,“committed_merkle”:“a37fc80c77574c59ec5e56c37cb7cebbed3ccf81b08c8bdb062f1a88b094cd79”}

Only one mini-block was included in the wallet: 304228.
The rest are missing or have been taken over by someone.
Please check what happened with the remaining mini-blocks.
Until next time.

Not sure how receiving a reward “doesn’t work”. You will not gain rewards for every miniblock soltn your miner finds. Need to take into account network latency btwn your miners and your daemon, your daemon and your peers and your peers and their peers . There are so many possibilities to why you’d not receive reward for one or another.

Sorry your consensus is after 3 hours or so. Feel free to try over a week or month rather to avg out rewards, but sounds you already moved on however. Good luck, feel free to try again time to time however, we will be here.

So I have little chance because the demon is rented and connected to high-speed internet, but my miners connect to it via LTE internet. That clears it up. Mining pools are fairer in my case - the work is not wasted.

The best situation would be when the daemon is in the local area network (1Gb ETH) with miners and additionally has high-speed fiber-optic internet with public IP. As I wrote earlier, I have an LTE connection and I tried to mine on but I lose to others because LTE has a long delay.

Sure. Any addtl latency added can increase your odds of work that does not get accepted as it took too long.

Running your own node on same LAN is ideal, still also need to account for the peers you are connected to from that daemon as well, however any reduction in the line of communication is a benefit.

By using a remote node your relying on that node and its’ peers , so also choose one that has lowest latency to you in most times. If you can’t run your own daemon etc.

I can run my own daemon on the local network but I don’t have a public IP. I can see the difference in how the daemon works with public IP (about 110-120 connected peers) and private closed IP of LTE operator (about 17-19 connected peers). In any case, the daemon has delays of +/- 200ns max to blockchain and +/- 4ms to time.

I don’t get it, I used to get paid for mined shares. This is too complicated.

Yep it’s basically nonsense now.

Before with pool mining we all got paid for the work we put in when the pool found blocks.

Now we don’t even get paid for all of the blocks we find.

With the costs of running mining rigs do the DERO devs really think miners are going to waste their hashpower on a blockchain that only pays out rewards on a handful of the blocks it finds?

I really hope they see the light and either fix the problem we have right now with solo mining or open it back up to pool mining again. I can’t see this project surviving on solo mining alone, especially when so many of the people mining don’t seem to be getting paid for what they find.

Better to suggest some improvements etc. Else statements like this are not adding any value.
Feel free to come back later in future when you are comfortable.

As you can see, all uncomfortable accusations and questions end the same - maybe I will come back here in the future if there is something to do. For now, DERO is not for me.

@Support , per your request, I suggest a simple improvement. Make mining work like it did a while back when miners were able to find blocks, and got paid for what they found. It used to work like that, so my suggestion is to make it work like that again.

I’m sorry I honestly wasn’t trying to be rude, just stating the fact that a mineable coin that doesn’t pay out on all of the blocks a miner finds is non-sensical from a miners perspective, especially when we are talking about solo mining. It costs money to run these rigs and as much as people like me would love to support the network via mining and running nodes, we can’t do that when we are getting no reward for our efforts.

You want a suggestion? - bring back pool mining again. Why did it have to switch to solo? That was never going to be good news for anybody other than those with massive amounts of hashpower.

The DERO project itself I have a huge amount of faith in, I wouldn’t be here otherwise, but honestly - the mining aspect of it is a bit of a shambles right now which is a damn shame.

Restoring fair mining is not in the interest of the DERO developers as you can see. We are to come back when we feel comfortable.