Issues sending to Tradeogre

I am unable to send my Dero from my Atlantis web wallet to Tradeogre Atlantis wallet. It says my balance is locked but it isn’t. Although i noticed my web wallet isn’t syncing anymore. HELP anyone. Thank you

No worries, we just hardforked the Atlantis chain earlier today and it will need some time to settle. Let’s give it a few hours then try again.

Awesome. Thank you for the info.

I just attempted to transfer some Dero to my web wallet from TradeOgre and it failed. Then I noticed there was some sort of swap that needed to be done so I tried to send dero back to TradeOgre and it looks like TradeOgre does not have the deposit address that works for the web wallet. How do I do this swap now?

Same thing with me. I’m waiting to hear from Support what the issue is.

Wait for few days. Wallet will be out of maintenance.

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