Lost coins after computer crashed

My computer crashed and i had to get a new one, now when I recover my wallet with the seed my balance is showing zero even after rescaning. Can someone help ? Thanks

Did you allow it to complete resyncing. Upon setting a new topoheight to start scanning from you’ll see the numbers on the left begin to rise. Wait until green and equal to heights at https://explorer.dero.io or https://network.dero.io for examples.

Yes I did and still nothing

If you set to resync from 0, this would not take a few seconds but rather a few hours. Did you follow these instructions and then give some time? You should see the numbers start from 0 and count upwards. Browser Wallet User Guide — DERO Documentation documentation

You also don’t have to use 0 in the above explanation, you can very well use an approximate block height. So instead of 0 you could use say 7440000 , for example, should put you back far enough and take less time to sync. Give that a go.

I will try that with a different computer since mine was just saying success within a second. Thank you

It will say success, but watch the chain height on the left. It’ll start counting up from your entered value. The success is success of rescan starting.