Missed the DERO swap deadline and now Balance is blocked from sending

I missed the DERO swap deadline. I have 3 Atlantis wallets with approx 3000 DERO total. I tried the swap process yesterday and was able to send 2 dero (as a test), but now I receive error messages and the balances seem to be blocked (although tokens show as “unlocked” in the wallet). How do you plan on resolving the transfer on any un-transferred tokens?

Be sure to send all. Option 12 CLI . Take care of asap. Or leave some for fees if not using option 12.

how do i swap my atlantis coins? what is optio 12 on what? atlantis CLI? where is it

Thanks so much for reply, trying now but when i set up the Atlantis CLI the demon is trying to download the entire blockchain. I am using:
DERO Wallet : 2.2.2-14.Atlantis.Astrobwt+11032022 This version is under heavy development, use it for testing/evaluations purpose only
INFO[0000] Copyright 2017-2018 DERO Project. All rights reserved.
INFO[0000] OS:darwin ARCH:amd64 GOMAXPROCS:16
INFO[0000] Wallet in mainnet mode

Any idea how to change the blockchain height.?.. I just need from 5,000,000