My Engram wallet (MacOS desktop) quits on me as soon as I open it?

Hello DERO community,
Being a novice, I’m faced with a problem I don’t know what to do about. Namely, right after I credited my Engram wallet with 194 DERO (from TradeOgre) earlier today – I had my wallet open on my desktop – it just quit on its own. Very weird, I don’t know if it got hacked or what?? The Engram app on my desktop opens when I click on it but only lasts for a few seconds – the moment I click on my username an try to type in my password it immediately disappears on me! I don’ know if the 194 DEROs i purchased went through…? I’d highly appreciate any advise/suggestions!

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Hello Toninho,

You might want to checkt this thread as i have posted possible fixes for this issue with the Engram wallet, it also includes a fix so you can uses the Netrunner miner that comes with the wallet.

I replaced the IP address in settings, per your suggestion, with and (with all due respect) my Engram wallet is completely screwed up now – cannot log in as it’s frozen.

Prior to replacing the IP address, my wallet had partially regained functionality – I could sign in (the balance reflected the coins I had added today) and the wallet stayed open. It would only quit when I clicked My Account – I had the yellow spot below and the Netrunner wouldn’t work, though.

I wish I could revert back to the IP address I replaced (I didn’t save it…).

I guess I need to reinstall/recover the wallet (have no idea how to backup the .db and .db.bak files that are in the mainnet folder)…

I got it back to where it was before I replaced the IP address…

Just speculating (pardon my ignorance): could the problem I’m experiencing perhaps be due to application connections being blocked – should I turn them on?

The Engram GUI wallet is still Beta.

Also the IP adres is referring to a server that is no longer being used (it has been decommissioned after the chain split issues)

What you could try is make a backup of the.db files (also mentioned in the thread i shared)
Reinstall Engram, start up Engram (so all the correct folders will be created to restore the DB files) and set the correct address.

Close Engram restore the DB files and add the JSON files.

Restart Engram and try again.

I have had similar issues as you as well on my Mac and this fixed the issue for me.

Right klick on the app (or use control + mouse klick if you use a single button Apple mouse) and klick the show package contents. You will see what is in the package including the some folders.
Under the resources folder is the mainnet folder i am talking about in that post.

You can also add the JSON files there.

Thank you! I’ll give it a try.

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Some folders will only be created after starting Engram for the first time. So if you have a fresh install the Mainnet folder will not be present.

Decided to reinstall and use my seed phrase (deleted the old wallet) but my frustration with the Engram wallet (MacOS) just keeps growing. After I downloaded the app anew, it keeps exhibiting the same erratic behavior – disappears after I open it and click on either restore account or create new account. I tried sending my funds to TradeOgre from my old wallet (now deleted) temporarily until I reinstall Engrame and create a new account (and then forward the funds to new address, but the piece of sh*t wouldn’t allow me to send my DERO. It wouldn’t matter anyway bcs, as it turned out, I can no longer download a functional Engram GUI wallet on my iMac, I’m really pissed off by Engram! I guess as long as I’ve got the seed phrase there’s still hope I can recover my funds after I downlod a fully functioning wallet (who knows when will that be – maybe when Engram outgrows its current Beta stage and its current issues get resolved). I’d appreciate any thoughts/suggestions.

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Finally managed to recover my account using seed phrase and that resolved the problem.
Thank you,

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