Naming party! Rolling list

Hey guys! Let’s start submitting elements/parts etc. here for things that you think need names on the Dero platform, to keep them all in 1 place for compiling.

Keep the names to yourself though so we can reveal what our thoughts are when the time comes and hold a vote!

Have fun and thanks for participating!

Fractions of a DERO: Cappy’s
HE: Fuzzy Math
Acct based model: Living Ledger

Dero homomorphic assets = what the tokens on dero will be called? ex. ERC20 on eth.

Services Model = maybe rebrand to a new name?

KC here. I choose the sub-unit name of “Darts”. One syllable, starts with a D. DERO is fast and darts can be fast when thrown correctly.

That is all.

karats are the most divisible gold can be when the guy who named them karats invented karats theyre locked in things its great

What about dero bits or dero karats? Could call them condensates or something

I just want to give you my D pennies