New daemon not saving on exit

I have had this happen thrice now. At first I thought I imagined it, then I thought it was me (could still be) but it has just happened again - typing exit fails to save the blockchain. I was just taken all the way back to to block 267 or there abouts - I am relying on memory here, but is was definitely 2xx - having just completed the full block sync overnight.

So, is this a bug or does exit no longer save the block chain? If not, how do I save the blockchain. The odd thing is, last night it WAS saved at around 26000 or about half way synced. I tested it before I left it to run overnight and to have a recovery point.

Can you confirm that you’re using the latest version (

You database file should be saved somewhere, did you extract somewhere new by chance?

Yep - you asked me to check this last night in another thread. I advised you I used wget and you confirmed it was the latest version. I have to go out now, will not be able to respond further for about 4 hours fyi

One question and one piece of feedback first.

I /think/ that the issue is the database is being saved to the mainnet directory within whatever location from which the run command is called. By that I mean, if the location is /opt/some-dir-one/ and the command /opt/dero/derod is called, I /think/ the database is then saved in the /opt/some-dir-one/ location somewhere. I have not been able to confirm this, but I have changed the script I run to pick which of my daemons to execute to first do to the /opt/dero directory and it /seems/ to have fixed the issue.

Secondly, I am now not too sure if I have used the source. I THINK I did. Is there a way I can check the revision version of the installed stuff? I am pretty sure I copied it and then unpackaged it as per the binaries from that source, but I am wondering if I remember it wrong. Just want to check.

Love the speed of the syncing though - it seems much quicker than I remember it before.

use version cmd.
use help for data dir options.
save cmd not required. its automagic.