No atlantis address in TradeOgre

Have TO account but it’s not offering an Atlantis address when I click on deposit. There’s a stargate one then an empty field. Have I missed the deadline for the swap?

Also, had no idea until got a TCV email that this was happening. Just this morning, 25 July. For future reference, where do I need to be to know about this sort of thing?!

Big thanks

Edit: it does say ‘this is an integrated address’. Dare I hope that this means it’s for both? Surely not, how? Why is this all such a mystery to me, where can I find out?!! Doing nothing until hear back from one of you knowers.

Refresh your balance page. It’s a graphical issue showing the atlantis wallet address.

Thanks so much for your help - am sure that would have worked but when I logged in this morning the second address was there already, phew, happy.