Node Error After Entering New Integrator Address

After fully syncing my node, ran derod w/ my wallet address and the below error occurs. Any suggestions on a fix?

20/11 10:05:55 ERROR CORE Block rejected by chain {“BLID”: “0a02f6a3b20af150610a779478c39c8957216808dca8f078048297ed983f0089”, “error”: “advance Block”}

I’ve got the same problem as you, stil looking for a solution.

If you’re on ubuntu like me, you must use XFS.
I’ve followed this tuto and it works now.

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Delete mainnet folder & do full sync or fastsync again. Make sure to use latest version of DERO software.
After deleting mainnet folder use --fastsync option & wait 10-15 mins. After completion stop daemon , remove --fastsync option & add your required options to derod daemon.

Also check DERO Node Setup