Node falling out of sync / found blocks not being rewarded

I have a node running that I am mining through.

It worked great for about 24hrs, blocks found and paid, the following 24hrs all blocks found were never credited to my wallet. Logged into the node, logs were massive, restarted with the debug option and got this -

We need to resync with the peer	{"our_height": 157727, "height": 159013, "pruned": 0}

I’m assuing that’s why none of my blocks found after the first 24hrs have been awarded but why has this happened, why has it fallen out of sync? It is running on a VPS (4 core 8gb RAM) and has no downtime since I started the node.

Also after the restart it is very slowly starting to catch up sync wise - but the speed it’s going I don’t think it’s ever going to catch up with the current block. It’s logging the missing blocks at a speed of about 1 block every 30 seconds.

Can you advise how to fix this please?

EDIT - Have just installed the latest version (62) the sync is still super slow, at the speed it is adding the missing blocks I can’t see it ever catching up.

Stop mining and allocate some CPU resources for TXs processing.
DERO is fully private network using Homomorphic Encryption., so it has high CPU requirements.
Also DERO network processed more than million TXs in last ~24 hrs.

It should sync now but in future upgrade your VPS.
Check for performance DERO Node Setup.

Thanks for the reply.

I managed to get it synced after about 6 hours and now have it back online. Trouble is I have mined absolutely nothing in the last 12 hours on any of my miners (7 in total). Has my node been blacklisted by the network or am I just really unlucky? Bearing in mind that I had mined around 9 mini blocks and 1 block in the previous 48hr period (even though half of them were never accepted due to the sync lag).

Re the VPS requirements…

I really want to support the network but the required spec of VPS stated in the link is not cheap to rent and not something that I can afford to spend with zero return each month. So if this current machine (4c / 8gb ram @ $48 per month) doesn’t work out then I’m afraid that will be me out of the dero node game.

TXs load has been finished. You will see no issues now. Even Rpi is doing good atm.
Most of the OVH VPS with 4 cores were in totally sync during the 1 million TXs load.
Some VPS providers who doesn’t allocate full CPU resources as per specs were having trouble syncing up.
All good now.

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I’m using Digital Ocean for this one, since the resync it hasn’t fallen behind at all so far.

Any1 has any update in regards to the rewards with newest updated miner (dated 9th May 2022)? Any details of any cpus and hashrates that find blocks/miniblocks with rewards would be appreciated.
If running full node on your machine when updating miners, nodes etc do you sync again fresh or just copy paste mainnet folder?

Many thanks in adv
Mini miner

Copy/paste mainnet folder is good.
Also see DERO Node Setup