One missing seed word

I cannot recover my old wallet after the URL change because I am missing one seed word. (I have 24 of 25)
I have typed in the 24 I have and that gives me a new active wallet, but with a new 25th word (one of the same 24, but repeated) - and no coins.
No address match for the old address which I had transferred funds to, either.
I have found a bruteforce programme on Github, but I am unable to get it to run (on Go). I took iit to a computer bloke and he couldn’t get Go to run either.
What do I do? I have been going round in circles for 3 months and would be grateful to have this over with. It is obviously doing my head in.
Many thanks

The 25th word is the checksum. In DERO’s case, one of the 24 words is duplicated and is the last word.

Try putting every single word in the 25th position one at a time

Many thanks. It didn’t work, but it was worth a try! Thanks for helping!

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You could try checking every word in here derohe/english_mnemonics.go at main · deroproject/derohe · GitHub
Alternatively, you can compile these dero-tools and use the bruteforce tool to try to crack into it GitHub - Slixe/dero-tools: DERO Tools