Pending Balance


When going onto Dero Mining Pool - HeroMiners to look at my statistics I see I have a pending balance. I was just wondering when my pending balance will be put into my wallet.

Also, how fast does Dero get deposited into our Wallet after mining?

Thank you in advance.

Based on Dero Mining Pool - HeroMiners , every 10 minutes payments are processed. As long as you meet the minimum payout (which appears to be 0.1 DERO [or 1 DERO if to exchange addr]), you should be paid out. Transfers to/from DERO wallets are quite quick and you should see full resolution within minutes.

If you continue to have issues and are not paid out, please reach out to the owners of herominers. I believe they are also present within our discord ( for DM or other messaging, they may also have their own (seems they do on their site: HeroMiners).

Thank you very much!

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