Please help I can't recover my wallet

Hi, I bought DERO last year and I since broke my laptop where I was accessing the web wallet from. I never worried about it because I had my seed written down in two separate places. However now I am trying to recover my wallet from seed and it is saying it doesn’t exist??? I have tried on the alpha wallet and also the normal web and the CLI. I don’t understand how this has happened? Also one of my seed words is “yeh” which is the only abnormality I can potentially see, that it’s not actually a word? I can’t fathom how I would have wrote the seed wrong twice on separate pieces of paper when I know how important it is, I always triple check this stuff.

Any insight please,


Atlantis web wallet -

Nope, that wallet didn’t work for me either, same issue.

Check your words in the respective language mnemonics for errs.

Thanks so much mate, “yeh” was “yeti”

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