SEED PHRASE has new address & Missing DERO funds

@nelbert442 @DEVELOPER Thanks for your links & replies to Q, 2 -7. I appreciate it. I will consult them in detail later… but you missed responding to Q1.

  1. Please confirm if this is correct : Due to a DERO account holder not having accessed their previous DERO account wallet for many months, (not having need to)… when recovering their wallet with their seed phrase in Nov 2022, their account receive address pertaining to their seed phrase, is expected to be and supposed to be now a different address than before, and the users account DERO funds they previously had, pertaining to their seed phrase, are expected to be and supposed to be now showing as a zero balance. This is how the DERO project have designed their account.wallet system to be due to the recent Stargate upgrade. It is not an error or anomaly. Users who were not aware of this upgrade are expected & supposed to find a new address and their DERO funds showing as zero, by design. Is this correct and normal to expect? Please state YES or NO.
    From your responses so far, which do not clarify this, I am left to assume that your answer here is a YES, but I do not like to rely on assumptions, so If you could answer, or get someone else to answer it, only then can I be sure of the answer so as to fully comprehend without leaving doubt.

1b. From your responses, I also have to deduce that you are not one of the developers, since you mentioned that the announement would come from the dev team and not from yourself. Correct?

  1. The Captain sent me a link on Discord yesterday, giving details that I would need to send my DERO Funds to a specific user DERO address listed on the link he sent me, (that I do not control the keys to) so as to swap them… But how could I or anyone send DERO to any address from an account that is showing zero balance of DERO, in order to have swapped it? This is why I am asking Q1.

9 How can the correct amount of purchased DERO that is somehow sent to an external address from an account showing zero balance, for swapping, be claimed by the correct account holder on Stargate side, or how is the correct swapping amount verified so as to claim it by the account it belongs to?

  1. At this point, would you advise creating a new Stargate wallet for the new DERO I have to store, on the CLI wallet I have, or the GUI wallet, or the ENGRAM wallet, or which?
  2. Are any of these new Stargate address wallets connectable to either Ledger or Trezor?

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