Sending coins from Atlantis wallet to exchange?

Hi, is it possible to send my DERO to exchange from my old Atlantis wallet? i find the swapping instructions too complicated. Am thinking to send to exchange and then to stargate wallet. Will this work?

Hi yoyo, Thanks for your reply regards recovery using Brave Brooser with webpage disappearing. Don’t know how to remove cache but have managed to download Stargate CLI wallet.

Now I am in same boat as you. Have Dero in Atlantis Wallet and want to move to Stargate Wallet. Going to send to Tradeogre (TO) and then send from TO to Stargate Wallet. HOWEVER, when I log into Dero Deposit on TO… Guess What …there is a Stargate Dero address and an Atlantis Dero Address. Which one would I send my Dero from old Atlantis wallet to. ??? Does it matter ?
OR can you simply when you have both wallet up and running, simply transfer Dero from Atlantis Wallet straight in Stargate Wallet ?
I am sure lots will be scratching their hed on this one as I am.
Thanks in advance for answers to above from yoyo and me.

PS to above. In DERO deposit it says that this is an ‘integrated address’. Does that mean both addresses are same account ???

Refresh Tradeogre DERO deposits page and you will see two address for Atlantis & Stargate.
Integrated addresses are used to identify your deposits on exchange.
Use Atlantis to deposit your DERO if using old Atlantis wallet.
You cannot send Atlantis DERO to Stargate Address or vice-versa…